Wooden Laptop


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This amazing little kids’ laptop is just 4 cm thick (about an inch and a half) and likely weighs in at less than even the MacBook Air. It won’t ever get hot, the battery will never run flat and the keyboard can be configured to any layout you like, from QWERTY to AZERTY.


You’ll never have to worry about your offspring going crazy on your credit card at the App Store, nor cringe when they stab their sticky, stubby fingers at the “screen.” The only thing you might have to replace from time to time is the “trackpad,” which has been replaced by sticks of chalk for scrawling on the blackboard screen.

Includes Sticks of chalk and Sponge to “refresh” the screen.

Dimensions and Specifications:

Handcrafted with Pine Wood

30cm X 20cm X 4cm

Weighs about 300g – 500g




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